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Workshops, books and ACBS resources are great to get started with ACT. Then, once you have mastered the basics, it can be helpful to have access to more of the power available from RFT. So, building on my work with the Matrix I have created a simple format called ACT Loops. Loops form a bridge between Functional Contextualism, RFT and ACT. The extra power allows you to engage clients faster into ACT, and work more effectively. Adding in Loops makes sessions a lot easier, too, and less stressful for the therapist.
Online Loops Training

The training groups each run weekly for an hour with a maximum of 4 people. Working online is really convenient and sessions run outside of work hours. All you need is access to a computer or even a phone.

During each session we use the Loops format to work with your individual cases, and apply the ACT skills directly to the client situation. You also learn by commenting on each others work. Enrolment is simple too, all you need do is CLICK HERE to contact me directly.

Free Matrix Resources

In developing the Matrix with Kevin Polk I have created a wide range of materials including Videos, Manuals, Activities and Mindfulness MP3s. These can also be used with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

By joining the email list you will be notified regularly of new materials, which are developed on a regular basis and are free to use. As with the online training these have all been tested on the front line, and will provide you with a steady stream of new ideas. You will also receive my blog.

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